Why can’t I get rid of my psoriasis?

In order to promote healing and clear psoriasis one must take a multi-pronged approach. With steadfast commitment to life changes over an extended period you can get rid of many types of psoriasis, and prevent their recurrence.

Alcohol, dairy, spicy foods, stress, and certain medications contribute to cause and persistence of psoriasis.

Remember: Psoriasis is exacerbated by use of alcohol, lithium, anti-malarial medications, and other liver toxins. Treating the whole body/mind system is paramount to achieve lasting recovery from psoriasis.

I use acupuncture, nutritional counsel, (with particular focus on pH), topical herbal washes, mindfulness coaching, and massage as a whole self healing response to psoriasis.

For twenty years I have practiced acupuncture, massage, and herbal medicine in Marin. Contact me at 415-838-0459 to make an appointment in my Mill Valley or Stinson Beach office.