What I immediately felt from Nina was an acknowledgement that we are complex beings, that pain has many aspects, and that healing requires addressing the whole person. While I originally came to Nina for back pain, she quickly and accurately assessed some deeper issues that needed attention and I was relieved to find myself in the hands of someone who saw beyond the initial complaint.
— SR

Acupuncture & Herbs


Acupuncture treatments can be administered on their own or in conjunction with herbs, massage, and counseling. In my practice your first appointment will generally last 90 minutes and I will give you a detailed intake form which we will discuss together.

Typically we will explore both the physical, and emotional aspects of your life as the body/mind connection is key to accomplishing a whole self healing.

During your initial intake we will plan a program that may include nutritional counseling, qi gong exercises, and herbal medicine.  


Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Massage is a key element in my practice as over the last 20+ years I have seen deep healing, and vast improvement in the emotional health of my patients, as well as with physical injury, and in cases of stress and anxiety.

You may schedule a massage appointment and receive a full body, one hour relaxing and therapeutic massage with time focused on any particular problem areas we may find.

You may also schedule a 90 minute session combining acupuncture and massage for an amazingly nourishing and deeply relaxing treatment.

Mindfulness Counseling


For those interested in exploring the body/mind connection I offer you the opportunity to see how certain patterns and beliefs may be causing constriction, pain, anxiety, and suffering in your life.

Injury, and pain often cause fear, and contraction which become cyclical patterns and which persist long after an initial injury has healed. Using the Byron Katie model of deep inquiry and reflection you may also learn how not to believe everything you think thus being freed from the multitude of stories that oft times dictate how we move through our relationships and personal lives.

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